Jakarta Claims No Gender Neutral Toilets in City Schools

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Jakarta Education Agency said it had launched inspections of all schools from kindergarten to high school levels in the capital and found no gender-neutral toilet as claimed by artist and presenter Daniel Mananta.

“We have checked all educational units in Jakarta and found no gender-neutral toilets. There are only men’s and women’s toilets,” Acting Head of Jakarta Education Agency, Purwosusilo, said on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, as quoted from Antara.

When asked about the problem in international schools and other educational units, Purwosusilo said that his side needed time to check since the authority is under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology as well as various parties.

“However, because they are located in the Jakarta area, we are also investigating them. We are checking them and it is ongoing. So far, we have not found anything like that. This means it is clear that there are only two toilets for men and women,” he remarked.

Previously, Daniel Mananta in a podcast program said that he was a bit shocked to discover unisex bathrooms in one of the international primary schools in the capital. His statement thus sparked controversy on social media, not to mention the fact that the gender-neutral toilets allegedly exist in schools. 


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